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Guest for October 12: Frog Lube

Firearms Today is excited to announce  Frog Lube as our guest for the show on October 12th on 99.7  Super Talk FM. Please visit their website here.

Guest for September 28th: Arsenal

Founded in the year 2000, Arsenal Inc. began as the licensed manufacturer of Arsenal products for the movie industry, government agencies and the shooting public. Today, Arsenal continues to make provisions for all three sectors. Since its inception, Arsenal Inc. has manufactured and imported more than 25 versions of rifles and pistols. And with each,…

Guest September 21st: Black Hills Founder Jeff Hoffman

Firearms Today Welcomes Black Hills Ammunition. Black Hills is an American ammunition and reloading supplies manufacturing company based in Rapid City, South Dakota. Black Hills is popular among Cowboy Action Shooters (see SASS, the Single Action Shooting Society) because they produce ammunition in a number of obsolete calibers, such as .44 Russian, .38 Long Colt, .44-40 and others.…

Guest for September 14th: William Atwater
William Atwater

Our guest this week on Firearms Today is William Atwater. He is an author and former Director of the United States Ordnance Museum  in Aberdeen, Maryland, United States. In addition to his military honors, Doctor Atwater also has many civilian awards as well. Doctor Atwater is  a frequent guest contributor to a variety of television programs that draw on…